Read what others had to say about the service and results they got from Aeroseal. Then give us a call and let us show you why were the duct experts of choice for hundreds of families.

av-home-2“Graham Beatty, the owner of Aeroseal Vancouver conducted a thorough review of our ductwork and showed us that we did have significant duct leakage. He showed us why that leakage was driving up our energy bills through a lot of lost heat in the winter and air conditioned air in the summer.  Immediately after they sealed the ducts we could feel the difference. There was more air coming out of the vents and all the rooms were more comfortable. This will certainly reduce our heating costs next winter as well as improve the air conditioning this summer. Darryl, the Aeroseal technician working along with Graham was most efficient and pleasant.”

David and Edie Hildreth, Furry Creek, BC.


av-home-1“The effects of the duct sealing were immediate.  The Aeroseal team hadn’t even left our home before we could tell that we were getting heat in rooms that never got warm enough before. Later that day, we had to turn the thermostat down lower than ever but the entire house staying toasty warm.”



“ When I told my accountant how much I paid to have my ducts sealed with Aeroseal and how much I was saving in reduced energy costs, he told me this was the best investment I could make.  He said he couldn’t recommend a single stock purchase that would give me the same kind of return for my money.”


av-home-3“As a contractor myself, I thought I could seal the ductwork in my home myself using mastic sealant. After spending several days in the attic and basement trying to get the leaks, I made little progress.  So I called the Aeroseal team and they did the job in less than a day. Best of all, Aeroseal reduced my leaks by 93%.”


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