Aeroseal eliminates bad smells – very bad smells!

This may be an extreme case of needing to control odour from spreading through a building, but just goes to show how effective Aeroseal can be. Read below for an interesting story from on how one crime lab found Aeroseal to be the answer to their stinky problem. Whenever a decomposed body was found it was brought to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab. Each time a body was brought there, the entire building knew it because the rotting smell would find it’s way through the entire building. After months of trying various fixes and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, with no successful solution, they finally tried Aeroseal. By using Aeroseal on their ductwork they were able to seal the leaks from the inside of the ductwork. The Aeroseal system showed a 98% reduction in leakage and the occupants declared their problem 100% solved! Bodies continued to come and go, without the horrible smell permeating the building. Aeroseal does it again! Click the link below for the full story.