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The experts at Aeroseal Vancouver have been involved in the heating and air conditioning trade for more than 20 years. We’ve listened to the concerns from homeowners frustrated by hot and cold rooms, dusty environments and high energy bills.  We also understand the financial burden that people experience while trying to improve comfort within their living space. This is why we are continually looking for options that meet various budgetary goals while providing results that go well beyond our customers’ expectations.

When we were first introduced to Aeroseal we recognized its ground-breaking potential. We also saw that this innovative solution could easily complement our current HVAC business and give us the opportunity to address our customers’ concerns regarding indoor comfort, air quality and energy savings.

Today, Aeroseal Vancouver is your area’s leading expert in duct sealing, cleaning and repair. We are one of the few heating and cooling specialists you’ll find licensed and qualified to seal your duct system using Aeroseal.

Our duct sealing professionals are trained to treat your home with the utmost in care and respect. When we are done, we leave your house without a single sign that we were even there EXCEPT for the instant difference you’ll feel in the improved comfort and indoor air quality that comes from an effectively cleaned and sealed duct system. Soon you’ll also see a welcomed difference in your energy bills as well.

Everyone at Aeroseal Vancouver takes pride in the work we do and the results we get for our customers. We know the impact that Aeroseal can make to the comfort and performance of your home and we’re excited to watch as more and more of our neighbours discover the benefits of Aeroseal duct sealing too.

Provides British Columbia’s residential heating, ventilating and cooling industry with superior training programs and a collective voice in local and provincial issues affecting our trade.

Through the support of our members throughout BC – contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, utilities, educators, consultants and regulators – and our volunteer board, TECA works to ensure safe, efficient and comfortable HVAC systems are installed in BC homes. We believe that only through the establishment of proper training programs and the enforcement of minimum standards can the public be assured that such systems are indeed installed.

Yes – duct sealing, and the experts at Aeroseal Vancouver – can make a big difference.
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